Akida Omsorg acquired by Nytida

Lars Weibull AB acted as sell-side advisors when Akida Omsorg AB was acquired by Nytida AB.

Akida Omsorg AB is a Swedish nationwide chain of care facilities with turnover of approximately 120 MSEK, across 9 units and with approximately 130 employees. Akida has operations in the field of psychiatry, addiction and LSS (act concerning assistance and service for people with disabilities) and currently holds framework agreements with more than 150 municipalities in Sweden. The focus is to provide individualized assistance to people with difficulties in the everyday life. Akida Omsorg is the friendly and personal alternative that provides a safe and secure environment through reliability and happiness. The company staff and management is some of the most experienced in the industry. The basic philosophy, which rests on a humanistic approach, is that every day should be better than yesterday.

Nytida AB has a leading position in the Swedish market and offers assistance to people with medical or social disabilities. At their 250 care facilities a new era begins for their customers whose quality of life ultimately is guaranteed by 4700 experts in assistance and care. Nytida is, together with its sister company Vardaga, part of the Ambea Group, a leading actor in health and social care in Scandinavia.

-“Nytida is very proud to be able to expand and broaden our company’s range of assistance and care services together with Akida Omsorg”, says Fredrik Gren CEO of Nytida.

-“We are excited and see great opportunities for our business to develop in a safe and secure manner. Together with my colleagues at Akida I look forward to continuing to strengthen our current business as part of the Nytida family”, says Jörgen Forsblom, CEO of Akida Omsorg.

If you want to learn more about the transaction feel free to contact project manager Ola Weibull on +46(0)761-260 307 or ola.weibull@weibull.se. Anders Steén, Moll Wenden Law Firm, has been part of the team to handle legal issues.

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