Baby Invest i Malmö AB acquires Teddykompaniet i Båstad AB

Teddykompaniet is a well-known and very successful company whose business idea is to design and manufacture soft toys such as teddy bears. The company was founded over 20 years ago by the family Raili, Anna and Daniel Norling and is today one of the leading actors in the industry. High quality, unique design and an uncompromising demand for secure products has always been the watchword of the business. Teddykompaniet has received numerous awards and its strong brands such as Diinglisar® has provided a secure feeling to babies and will do so for many generations to come. The company had revenues of approximately 55 MSEK in 2013.

Baby Invest I Malmö AB is a collective name for a privately owned company with Erik Andersson as principal owner and his childhood friend Roger Björklund as a partner. Four different companies are part of the group today; Nasalprodukter Sverige AB, DiProServa Medical AB, Bo Ohlsson i Tomelilla AB and Engelbrektsboden AB. Baby Invest is known for a long term ownership, financial strength, decentralized management and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The group had revenues of approximately 250 MSEK in 2013.

The Norling family is happy that their creation was acquired by another family owned company. Key persons Anna and Daniel continues to work in the company and Raili will continue as CEO until a successor is appointed.

Lars Weibull AB acted as sell-side advisors in the transaction and if you want to learn more about the transaction feel free to contact project manager Tobias Lundin on +46 761-260 304 or Anders Steén, Moll Wendén Law Firm, has been part of the team to manage legal issues.

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