Change of ownership in the Swedish floor industry

Lars Weibull AB was the seller’s adviser when three floor distributors were acquired by Storskogen to form a new leading distributor of flooring and tiles to the professional market in Sweden. The companies acquired were SVEGAB i Växjö AB (“SVEGAB”) with the subsidiary SVEGAB i Malmö AB, Fredriksson & Berglund – Golvgrossisten i Skövde AB (“Fredbergs”) and Golv & Byggterminalen i Norrköping AB (“Golv & Bygg”).

Storskogen acquired three wholesale companies in floors and tiles in April. All three companies have a strong position within their respective geography and process customers from southern Skåne up to Mälardalen. The companies will be coordinated after the acquisition and consolidate into one unit. The companies now have about 40 employees and report a turnover of approximately 270 MSEK and an EBITDA of approximately 25 MSEK.

“We are very pleased to have acquired SVEGAB, Fredbergs and Golv & Bygg simultaneously. The companies operate in three different geographies and complement each other well. We are looking forward to developing these well-managed and profitable companies together with the management.”, Says Daniel Kaplan.

“As representatives of the three purchased floor wholesalers and appointed CEO, I can only say that we are all very pleased to have agreed with Storskogen as the new owner of our companies. A persistent and strong party without a planned exit and with the ambition to support and develop our business is just what makes a generation change something positive. With our future business plan as a foundation, we are looking forward to our common development and are fully convinced that we have only seen the start of the trip we will make together in the Swedish floor market.”, Per Strömqvist says former CEO and owner SVEGAB in Växjö / Malmö AB.

For more information about the transaction, contact Project Manager Daniel Pålsson on +46(0)72-54 59 375.
Martin Morén Jönsson at Moll Wendén Law Firm has been part of the team and in charge of the legal issues.

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