Hem1 was acquired by Teqnion


Builders of housing Hem1 Sydost AB get new owner

Lars Weibull AB acted as the sell side advisor in the transaction when Hem1 Sydost AB was acquired by Teqnion AB. Teqnion has signed an agreement to acquire all of the shares in Hem1 Sydost AB.

Hem1 works with design, sales and manufacturing and lead projects of custom built houses. They also manufacture frames to houses for private consumers and professional clients.

Teqnion AB is a Swedish industry group with a current holding of ten active result units within the three business area: Industry, Growth and Niche. In these business areas Teqnion offers products and specialist expertise within selected market niches. Teqnion was founded in 2006 and was listed on First North (Nasdaq) in April 2019. The acquisiton will also supplement Teqnions manufacturing of elements for houses which takes place in one of their affiliates (Grimstorps Byggkomponenter AB). Hem1 will add another strong brand and a good market position in the south swedish house market.

”I am very thrilled that we could continue to develop Hem1 together with Teqnion. There is a mutual understanding between us how the Company and the People shall work together. Together we will take Hem1 to the next Level, says Mikael Löfqvist CEO of Hem1.

For more information about the transaction, please contact Tobias Lundin (+46 761 260 304), Partner & Managing director  Lars Weibull AB.

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