Kristianstad Lyftdon AB is acquired by Granitor Systems AB

Lars Weibull AB was the seller’s advisor when Granitor Systems AB acquired 100% of the shares in Kristianstad Lyftdon AB (KLAB)

KLAB has the entire world as its workplace and is a complete supplier in the crane industry. Since 1978, the company has delivered solutions to satisfied customers in most industries such as steel mills, ports, heating plants, concrete/prefab and in the general manufacturing industry. KLAB is now a renowned supplier in the crane industry.

Granitor Crane Systems is one of Northern Europe’s leading suppliers of heavy-duty cranes for heavy industry. They offer flexible solutions that meet high mechanical and control technology requirements to customers in industries such as iron and steel, nuclear power, paper and pulp and vehicles. Competence around construction and implementation can be found in several different industries.

Through the acquisition of KLAB, Granitor Systems significantly strengthens its delivery capability and market position for the crane business.

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