NetNordic acquires Efftel

NetNordic has acquired the Swedish based communication company Efftel AB. Efftel has delivered cloud based telephony and communication services to Swedish based businesses since 2004.

“We are very pleased to be able to strengthen our position in the Swedish market by adding Efftel and their cloud based communication offering to our portfolio. The acquisition supports our
ambition to take a leading position in the Swedish market”, says Jarl Øverby, CEO in NetNordic Group.

The Swedish market has come a long way when it comes to accepting cloud based communication services, and NetNordic has been looking for a way to complement its existing solutions and service offerings. Efftel has a proud history and a solid technical platform, and will benefit from being a part of a larger group facilitating increased investments and comfort for their customers.

“We are continuously working on strengthening our value proposition within network communications. Our experience as a system integrator, and the associated competence areas, safeguards our customers mission critical solutions. It is important for us to expand even further within cloud based solutions as this market is growing rapidly”, continues Øverby.

NetNordic recently hired Joakim Harging as new CEO for NetNordic Communication AB and has additional ambitions for growth in the Swedish market. Following the acquisition of Efftel, NetNordic will have a technical platform and organisation that will contribute to the growth expectations in this area.

“We look forward to increasing our capacity, technical platform, competence and engagement even further by becoming a part of the NetNordic group. Through the sales process we have become certain that NetNordic is the right owner for us to contribute to future growth. We will continue our partnerships with agents and operators and look forward to focusing more on our marketing efforts”, says Mats Sandvik, CEO in Efftel AB.

NetNordic is a Nordic system integrator specialized in delivering network, communication, security and Cloud services. As the “Best Companion” NetNordic shall contribute to realize customer’s business potential through efficient use of solutions and services. NetNordic is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. 2017 proforma revenue was ca. NOK 1,000 million. Following the acquisition of Efftel, the Company will have ca. 270 employees in 12 offices in the Nordic countries.

Efftel has delivered cloud based telephony and communication services to Swedish based businesses since 2004. The Company has a well-established scalable technical platform ready for growth. Efftel has 12 employees and Revenues of ca. SEK 20 million in 2017.

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