WTC-MACRO Group acquires Polyproject

The Slovak company WTC_MACRO Galvano s.r.o. and its principal owner Hamid Al-Sultani aquires all shares in Pilum Polyprojekt AB from Pilum AB, 2013-12-30. The sale was subject to by the buyer no later than Februari 28, to take over all Pilum AB´s commitments and liabilities in Pilum Polyprojekt AB.

Polyprojekt is a clean tech company specialised in products for treatment of aggressive fluids, water, gases and air. WTC MACRO Group is engaged in biological and industrial process water treatment and has genuine expertise in the environmetal engineering field.

In addition to the divestment of PilumPolyproject AB, WTC – MACRO Group, its principal owner and the CEO Hamid Al- Sultani and Pilum AB have agreed to work jointly against several markets across the environmental field, where the companies complement each other.

“We see multiple applications and markets where we can create valuable synergies and added value for each other through enhanced cooperation”, says Leif Lindberg, MD and CEO of Pilum AB.

“We also see a growing need for Swedish environmental expertise globally, particularly in Eastern Europe and Middle East, where we can act together in a much more credible way”, continues Hamid Al-Sultani. Pilum AB has experience and skilled resources in process engineering, design and project management, fields which can be further optimized in the future.

“This agreement creates a whole new opportunity for efficient and competitive system solutions in water treatment and environmental protection technology”, says Torbjörn Eriksson, who will be appointed as a Managing Director of PilumPolyproject AB.

“The width will be our new strength”, says Daniel Bergsten, Vice Director of PilumPolyproject AB. With effective new products and innovative production techniques, Bergsten looks forward to new opportunities internationally and thereby completely new prospects for the development of the business. “Together, we will be much stronger in several new markets, that in itself will generate more new business opportunities”, says Torbjörn Eriksson.

Lars Weibull AB was the seller´s advisor in the transaction with Ola Flodin as Project Manager. Feel free to contact Ola Flodin +46 (0)734-354 509 or if you wish to learn more about the transaction.

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