Ytterman Projekt AB is acquired by Sustend AB

Lars Weibull AB advised Ytterman Projekt when they were acquired by Sustend AB. The merger means that Sustend complements and strengthens its operations in the Stockholm region.

The company Sustend started in 2009 and is a fast-growing consulting company. Today, they offer services in property development, project and design management, inspections, and maintenance planning. Sustend has offices in several southern Swedish larger cities. From 2019, Sustend has grown from 20 msek in turnover to 90 msek this year.

Ytterman Projekt, a Stockholm-based company, has been active for almost 20 years and specializes in all parts of the construction process, from preliminary studies and the program stage to planning, procurement and production. Through the acquisition of Ytterman, Sustend further strengthens its operations in the capital region.

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