Experienced M&A advisor

Transaction advisory

For various reasons, owners want to sell their business. This may be due to both private or corporate circumstances. Two common reasons for this are, for example, that it is time to make a change of generation or that you are satisfied with how far you have come with the company. Here, Lars Weibull AB can help the owner to find the best solution through a well-developed and structured process.

New majority owner

How do you achieve rapid growth? This is a question that many entrepreneurs are struggling with. It can for example be fear of accepting external capital or problems with the bank. You may also want to secure some of what you have built and share the risk and upside ahead. in that case, an alternative could be to sell a part of the company to a financial player while remaining both operational and as owner. Many Private Equity funds are skilled at helping entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level. Lars Weibull AB has extensive experience selling whole and parts of companies to Private Equity players – without splitting the company.

Company Valuations

With experience from over 300 transactions, we offer business valuations with great weight in real transaction experience. The valuation comes complete with detailed material about how we have calculated and what factors we have taken into account. In the end though, a company is always worth what a buyer is willing to pay, but it’s possible to make a good estimate.


We offer a free analysis called NEM which is focusing on value-increasing activities to make a company more attractive to future sales. NEM means simple in Danish and is an abbreviation for Net debt, EBIT and Multiple. The analysis aims to help owners of medium-sized companies with a turnover of 25 MSEK and upwards.

We perform the analysis from a buyer’s perspective to identify opportunities, risks and other factors that affect the company’s attractiveness on the market, and consequently, its value.

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