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Elicom is acquired by AGB EL.

Weibull M&A acted as the seller's advisor when AGB EL AB acquired Elicom AB, a telecommunications equipment and power supply company.

Elicom, founded in 1988 by Anders Schough in Töreboda, is one of Sweden's leading manufacturers of low-voltage switchgear, distribution panels, group panels, and control cabinets.

In addition to its in-house manufacturing, Elicom collaborates with selected suppliers in the field of medium voltage, power transformers, battery cabinets, and cable trays. Elicom provides complete system solutions and has a long and successful history in the telecommunications industry, which has contributed to its broad expertise in DC (direct current) systems and their specific design regulations. With extensive experience in the latest technology, high reliability requirements, and precise lead times, Elicom serves clients worldwide.

In a comment about the deal, Anders Böös stated, "-Elicom AB is a well-positioned company in a segment that I strongly believe in and plan to further invest in."