L-G C Isolering is acquired by Hjo installation

Weibull M&A was the seller's advisor when Hjo Installation Invest AB acquired L-G C Isolering AB with subsidiaries on October 6, 2023.

Hjo Installation, backed by Nordic Capital, acquires 100% of the shares in L-G C Isolering AB. With the acquisition of L-G C, it becomes a clear starting point as Hjo Installation focuses further on technical insulation and creates this as a fourth segment in their offer. It will be the tenth company within this segment. The company was founded in Växjö and has 8 affiliates in different locations around Sweden. L-G C Isolering was established in 1997 by Lars-Göran Carlson and Raymound Andersson, who were the company's main owners until Hjo Installation acquired the company. L-G C Isolering, with approximately 120 employees and a turnover of around SEK 180 million, is the largest private actor in Sweden in the field of technical insulation.

Quote from Christoffer Olbrich, CEO of Hjo Installation: "We are very pleased to announce a significant acquisition in the field of technical insulation. It's a growing segment that aligns perfectly with our environmental and energy focus in installations. L-G C Isolering, Lars-Göran, and his team have an excellent reputation, extensive market coverage, and the capacity to handle larger projects, which our clients appreciate. We already have companies in this segment, and with L-G C, there are great opportunities to expand our insulation business significantly."

Quote from Lars-Göran Carlson, CEO of L-G C Isolering: "We possess significant knowledge and a strong commitment to what we do. We have succeeded in making our employees feel satisfied and stay with us. There has always been work at L-G C, and those who wanted to grow have always had the opportunity. Over the years, we have built a substantial capacity, making us a natural choice for builders. We had many interested parties, but it immediately clicked with Mattias and Christoffer. We understood each other right away, and the gut feeling was right. Hjo Installation resembles L-G C, where the local company has much autonomy and manages itself. L-G C is an established brand for 26 years, and it feels good to continue working with this."

About Hjo Installation:

Hjo Installation is a stable group of companies in a decentralized conglomerate where the leaders and their companies are given significant autonomy and participation in the continued development of the conglomerate. Their roughly 1,300 employees are the key to the conglomerate's success. All 52 companies in the conglomerate have a turnover of over SEK 2.8 billion and operate in electrical, ventilation, heating & sanitation, energy conservation, technical insulation, and solar energy.

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