Pronord Förvärvas Av Derome

Derome is expanding its operations through the acquisition of packaging industry Pronord

Weibull M&A acted as sell-side advisor when Derome Timber AB acquired Pronord AB. The acquisition of Pronord will expand Derome Timber´s operations with a new market segment and new production facility in Halmstad.

Derome AB is Sweden´s largest family-owned wooden industry with 1.000 employees and a revenue estimated at 3.4 billion SEK in 2014. Wood is ”the green link” in the business, with the forest becoming wooden products, houses, construction components and bioenergy. Derome is a wood processing industry with the entire chain – from forest to finished house.

Pronord currently has 20 employees and focuses on the manufacture and development of packaging products to protect goods during transportation. The products are developed in close collaboration with the customers and consists of wooden boxes, pallets, customized wooden products and protective fillings.

– “Through the acquisition of Pronord we enter a new territory and therefor expanding our own business”, says Gunnar Jakobsson, CEO of Derome Timber. “It gives us the opportunity to develop additional uses for wood. In the packaging industry, we see great potential for wood as production material from the point of resistance, agility, stability and weight”.

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